Expressions of client satisfaction & confidence

Churches and School Projects

Clients from church projects have said these and many other similar comments:
An elder of a project currently under construction wrote: "The church ... is constructing a new 28,000 square feet worship facility, and we could not be more pleased with the service of Mr. Thompson and his firm....There probably is no more challenging project than satisfying 300 members of a church, each of whom has his or her idea about the function of the building and how much it should cost. From the beginning, we have found Mr. Thompson to be thoroughly professional and responsive to every challenge presented to him....We interviewed several architects before choosing Mr. Thompson, and we more convinced every day that we made the right choice.

The following came to us from the project manager of a recently completed project. "We have constructed a new 8,200-sq. ft. church building. Mr. Thompson's firm has proved quite flexible throughout our project. I know him to be professional and he has been thoroughly responsive to all of our needs on this project. They have met and exceeded our expectations throughout the planning and implementation of the project. I believe you will be hard pressed to find a more flexible or energetic architectural firm. "

"After interviewing several church building firms, our Design Committee and Church Board agreed unanimously that Bill Thompson's approach to designing, budgeting, and construction supervision offered us the best possibility for a building uniquely our own that would be creative, functional, and affordable."

"We are a newly planted church that desperately needed a meeting facility that would be highly functional yet low in cost. Thompson Designers took our problems and developed an exciting plan of action! The results were dramatic! We have an attractive, low cost building appraised conservatively more than 75% higher that our investment."

"Needless to say we are extremely please with the finished product. All the plans that we envisioned came to fruition and we have been using it for almost eighteen years. We were able to bring it in at a cost of about $15 per square foot and our maintenance is very low."

"We have had good rapport with Thompson Associates from the very onset of the planning for the building and have found them to be patient, easily accessible, ready to answer our questions or to come meet with us if that were required. Their attitude has always been one of personal interest in every detail of the planning."

A recommendation to a prospective client on the design of an Experimental Theater for a state university: "As an architect I found Mr. Thompson to be thoroughly professional through out the project. He was extremely receptive to all ideas we presented to him in planning the special needs of this theater. The theater is not only totally functional, but is also imaginative in its design and architectural details. furthermore, this theater contains highly sophisticated technical equipment for lighting and sound."

Excepts from letters of superintendents of school districts:
"We have been particularly pleased with their work in the Health/Life Safety area and their ability to work with people at the State Board of Education. We feel we have been most fortunate in hiring Mr. William Thompson and his staff at Thompson Designers, Inc."

"Mr. Thompson has been very willing to work within the time and financial constraints of our school district.... He has a very good relationship with the various contractors on the job and the work at this time is progressing ahead of schedule."

"I was able to work effectively with Mr. Thompson's firm and was given his assistance and expertise in every area of concern. He has been extremely instrumental in allowing us to gain the most from our money as well as provide our students with a facility housing the latest technological advances and energy efficient equipment."

Reflecting on the continued appreciation and functional design, a president of a library board told us: "Even though three years have passed since the opening of our new addition and the renovation of our old building, we continue to hear that the Library building is a focal point of civic pride. We are frequently commended on how well the new design and modern facilities meld so well with the traditional Carnegie architecture."

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