School Designs & educational facilities

colleges, high schools, private schools, k thru 12

Over the past 46 years, we have worked with many different school districts and parochial schools on projects ranging from small additions, entirely new K-12 schools and even elevating entire buildings for remediation and renovations.

K-12 schools & high schools

The entire county placed all students into this one building which required a sensitivity to grade and age separations. By designing a quadrant concept with K-3 in the southwest and the 4-6 in the northwest and the 7-9 in the northeast and 10-12 in the south east for the building and likewise associating the exterior areas accordingly the desired functionality was achieved.

PUBLIC schools

And much more...
Projects include: Renovations, Additions, New Construction, Fire Restoration, Flood Damage, Forensic Investigations, Health/Life/Safety, as well as distinct design and program requirements.